Thank you for volunteering!

Volunteers will be doing many tasks including; chopping vegetables, waiting on tables, serving food, washing dishes, cleaning, and other tasks as needed. If you have physical limitations or if you have a larger group who wants to volunteer, please send an email to Mark at to make arrangements.

Please park on Thayer Avenue or the parking spots on the south side of the building when volunteering.

Children are encouraged to volunteer

If your child is 12 years or under, please do not sign the child up for a spot.  The adult needs to sign up for a spot and bring the child(ren) with to volunteer together.

If the child is 13 and over, sign the child up for their own individual spot with the parent’s permission.

Dress code: please dress appropriately

  • No open-toe shoes or sandals are allowed in the kitchen per the health code.
  • Modest attire required.  No low-cut tops, tight-fitting leggings, yoga pants, or ripped jeans. Shorts/skirts should be knee-length or longer. Shirts that cover shoulders are appreciated.
  • No clothing that reveals undergarments (i.e., tops that show bra straps, jeans that hang down to show underwear).
  • No offensive t-shirts.

5/29/23 – 6/3/23
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6/5/23 – 6/10/23
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6/12/23 – 6/17/23
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6/19/23 – 6/24/23
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6/26/23 – 7/1/23
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